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WFS UK Gender Pay Gap Report

09 April 2018

Certain of our UK subsidiaries are required by law to report the gender pay gap information please click here for more info.

30 Weight Oils Offer Premium Performance

03 August 2017

Chevron are highlighting some of the advantages of low viscosity oils in areas including fuel economy, after-treatment system compatibility and competitive drain periods.

“Many OEMs are now supporting the use of 30 weight oils (5W-30 or 10W-30) as they look to achieve optimum fuel economy from their vehicles and respond to the increasing appetite from customers to reduce their carbon footprint while also saving money”, say Chevron.

“Euro 6 emissions guidelines necessitated an evolution in engine design with after-treatment systems essential for compliant operation. This had to be balanced by the need for fleets to lower their operating costs without compromising the durability of their vehicles.

 “This complex list of requirements has put a greater demand than ever on lubricant manufacturers, resulting in the development of thinner oils that still have to deliver performance while maintaining drain periods by continuing to be able to provide thermal stability, wear protection, soot control and oxidation resistance.”

Chevron field tests have demonstrated a range of benefits from lower viscosity oils. They showed a significant improvement in fuel economy when compared to thicker oils. While low viscosity oils are thinner than 10W-40 grades, in tests the Ursa Ultra range of 30 weight oils showed comparable wear protection to 10W-40 products. In some areas these new low viscosity oils showed even better performance than widely available more viscous products. Ursa Ultra SAE 10W-30 and 5W-30 products also showed excellent results comparable to thicker oils in standard tests designed to measure performance in piston cleanliness.

Chevron adds that products such as the Ursa Ultra XLE SAE 5W-30 not only provide a wide coverage of OEM approvals and specifications, but have also been developed for mixed fleet operations.

Chevron Unveil New Havoline Brand Ambassadors

01 August 2017

Chevron are working with two new brand ambassadors in 2017, to support the launch of the new Havoline range.

Richard Murray is one of the world’s leading professional triathletes. The South African will be acting as a Havoline brand ambassador as he competes across the globe in the ITU World Triathlon Series.

Professional racing driver Freddie Hunt will also be a Havoline brand ambassador in 2017. Son of F1 legend James Hunt, Freddie is currently competing in the GT4 European Series with Brookspeed Porsche Motorsport.

Look out for both of the Chevron brand ambassadors on the website, social media and at key events