AdBlue®...the green solution to emissions.

Euro 4 emission regulations introduced from October 2006 further limited the amounts Of Nitrous Oxides (NOx) and particulates that diesel vehicles could emit. These limits reduced again with the introduction of Euro 5 in October 2009 and will again in the future with the introduction of Euro 6.To reach these standards, all of the vehicle manufacturers have chosen to treat the exhaust gases downstream of the engine manifold with a technique called Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). The fuel for the SCR system is called AdBlue, a high purity solution of Urea. Whilst Urea solution itself is not hazardous to handle or transport, care needs to be taken when storing AdBlue or filling the vehicles to prevent irreversible and expensive damage to the catalyst system from contaminants such as dust or oil. 

Watson is an authorised distributor of Greenox AdBlue and can supply your business with quantities to suit your needs; whether you’re a retail forecourt selling 10L or 18L, a farmer after a barrel to use for your new agricultural machinery or a large haulage company needing something more, Watson has the solution for you.

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