Health & Safety Policy Statement

The main objectives of the company are to:

  • Comply with all Health & Safety legislation
  • Ensure that all Health & Safety risks are assessed and effective control measures put in place.


The company's overall aim is to prevent employees and anyone else suffering accidents or ill health due to our undertaking. The company will seek to achieve this aim with a health & safety management system that promotes continual improvement in Health & Safety management and performance.

We see health and safety as a management responsibility and will ensure that an effective health & safety management system is implemented. However, we expect employees at all levels to recognise that they have an important duty to implement the company arrangements for health & safety and do everything that is required of them to prevent injury and ill health to themselves and others.

The company cannot achieve its aim through management effort alone. We will therefore ensure that there is effective consultation on health & safety matters, so that individual employees have an opportunity to contribute to improvements in the health & safety management system.

Financial and all other necessary resources will be made available to ensure that the company health & safety policy is communicated, implemented and maintained by everyone within the company, and made available to interested parties.

The health & safety management system will provide the framework for setting health & safety objectives which will be reviewed on a regular basis. In addition, the health & safety policy will be formally reviewed on an annual basis to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate.